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The WILD RC-10 analogue camera

WILD RC-10 survey-format analogue camera

The WILD RC-10 survey-format analogue camera

The Wild (now Leicaexternal link) RC-10 Aviphot Aerial Camera System is designed for taking near-vertical serial exposures from the air. The standard negative format is 230x230mm. The lens cones may be interchanged during flight if required, giving the RC-10 a very high rating for its versatility and economy. The lenses are colour corrected for the visible and infra red spectral ranges and enable exposures to be made at all the usual scales with various focal lengths up to the operational ceiling of survey aircraft. To align and level the camera during the flight the operator uses the drift sight adjusting remotely the camera attitude and correcting for aircraft roll, pitch and yaw.

The RC-10 is calibrated every two years, usually during the winter. All the calibration certificates can be downloaded here:

One colour print of each frame is provided to the Principal Investigator. If scanning of films is required, then the PI is responsible for arranging and paying a suitable company (e.g. BKSexternal link or Blueskyexternal link etc.) to do the scanning. The ARSF will then arrange shipment of the film. The ARSF films are archived at the British Geological Survey (Nottingham), but please contact the Science & Operations Coordinator for details.